College Coach Testimonials

Before my coaching session with Mrs. Tassone, I had been considering many options for my career after high school. Having to decide on a college career was a stressful topic that I often avoided. Although I had some direction, I did not know the logistics of my career decision, and how it would affect my financial stability and wellbeing as an adult. Mrs. Tassone explained to me the importance of considering the average college loans accumulated for my major versus the earning potential of my career during my professional years, so that I could be sure that the career I chose would pay off my college loans in a reasonable amount of time.

Through Mrs. Tassone’s assistance…in interpreting the Strong Assessment, I found that I had become more aware of my interests. I found that I could identify with many of the personality traits listed on the assessment, and knowing what I was good at helped me to envision areas of study I could see myself not only succeeding in, but being happy in as well.  I would absolutely recommend the use of Mrs. Tassone’s coaching service! It gives one a new perspective of how college careers should be chosen, and it definitely gave me more confidence in my choice to pursue a degree in pharmacy. The Strong Report is an excellent tool that when interpreted and explained correctly, gives a solid view of one’s positive character qualities and career pathways that fit those qualities. Working with Mrs. Tassone was a wonderful experience, and If you are struggling to decide your college career pathway I would absolutely recommend contacting her and taking advantage of her services! Leah O.

Since we’ve met, I’ve been further exploring careers in SLP! You have no idea how excited I am and am feeling so hopeful and motivated! I feel like it’s a perfect fit for my interests all combined in one.

 I’ve begun researching colleges that may be of interest to me– i.e., UB, Hofstra, Towson (which also has an amazing swim team 🙂 🙂
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do…it’s answers to my prayer!  Becky
The time you spent explaining his results on the Strong Interest Inventory really helped him figure out what career would suit him best. Taking the inventory is not enough; you are the person who helps make sense of the results. Thank you very much!!
A grateful Mom of a young adult
Life Coach Testimonial

“I worked with Gina as my coach for a year. She helped me clarify my goals, my priorities and then align my activities to match them. She challenged me when my activities did not align with my goals. Some of my goals (writing a book) were just not important enough given all that was happening and I (we) discussed it and agreed to let it go for the time being. What I enjoyed most fell under 2 items. One was that I felt encouraged. She helped me to focus on what was getting done and not so much on my failures and things that were not getting done. It’s hard today to find people who know you and encourage you. Most of the world wants to beat you down. This is the exact opposite and it is very motivating and uplifting. The second is that I got a lot done in that year. I was more focused and less distracted. I not only accomplished more but I accomplished changes that moved my career and personal life in a direction that I did not pursue for many years prior. My life is far better today, with more career satisfaction and life balance than in a long time.” Jack L