We are given one life – what are you doing with yours?

I am Gina Tassone, a certified life coach and my coaching business is comprised of two parts:

Life coaching – I work with individuals in the areas of career changes, business development, decluttering/organizing the home, health, and wellness, and transitions into new areas in their life; as well as other areas.

College/ Career coaching – I work with students who are trying to figure out their next steps as they consider college majors and careers.

I absolutely LOVE to work with others who are ready to move forward in their life!  It is my great honor and privilege to collaborate with people as they take steps to accomplish what they haven’t been able to previously.

I am available to meet with clients in person in Rochester, NY or by phone, skype or FaceTIme. Please contact me and let’s talk about how we may work together: 585.329.8094.

Please feel free to contact me at 585.329.8094 or at coachginat@gmail.com for a complimentary phone call.