College Coach & Consultant

Families struggle with finding the time to clearly focus on next steps as the student is considering possible career paths, college, and college majors.

Have you had difficulty finding time to address major(s) or your (your student’s)  future career due to life’s pressures, busy schedules or family dynamics?

I work with students and recent graduates to help them identify, understand and explore their career interests. The students I work with  are busy and driven (as are their families) and oftentimes encounter challenges finding time to discuss potential college, majors and career choices.

The clients I work with understand the value of having an objective third party come alongside them (their student) during this important stage of life as they evaluate possible future careers.

I coach students and recent graduates by giving them tools they can use to explore careers they are contemplating pursuing. I have developed a process to help them take the necessary steps to not just think about it but to take action.

I come alongside students and parents as they navigate this time of growing independence, of transition from high school to college or from college towards becoming completely independent.

As an objective 3rd party by, I :

  • Meet with students and/or their parents individually to discern where they are and what their needs are. I am able do this in person in Rochester, NY, FaceTime, Skype or phone.
  • Administer and interpret the Strong Interest Inventory.
  • Help students begin to take ownership of their future.
  • Give homework that leads the student to gain more clarity and direction for their future.
  • Allow parents to step back as the student takes appropriate steps towards greater independence.

As a result of coaching, the student is on a path of movement and direction.

I would love the opportunity to come alongside you (your student or recent graduate) and explore how I may be able to work with you during this very important time of life.

Watch this short video and learn a little more about the Strong Interest Inventory:

Contact me at 646.854.6384 or and let’s set up a time for a free consultation to see how I amy be of service to you.


I can’t tell you how much our talks over the summer helped! It got me focused and ready to start thinking about my future. I’m so excited as I’ve decided on majoring in Communications and I’m confident that this will lead me in a great direction as it is such a broad major with so much to do!  It is really great to truly reflect on the progress that I have made! I know that there is still more to come with the whole college process but I really want to thank you for all that you have done for me! Being able to talk to someone that wasn’t my family (a.k.a. someone that wasn’t stressing out about trying to get all this done in time) really helped me to take a step back and look at what I needed to accomplish.  Thanks again, Cara