My name is Gina Tassone. I am a Christian woman, wife, and mother of three adult children. I have many interests and one which I am most passionate about is my work as a credentialed life coach.

I first learned about life coaching from a newspaper article I read in 2000. A woman hired a life coach to help her get control of the clutter in her home. As I read the article, how this coach worked with her client and learned of the client’s success, I felt an excitement. Something was ignited in me that I could not ignore. I investigated training programs and decided to enroll in the Coaches Training Institute and completed my training in 2004. I launched Live, Love Learn Coaching in 2009. I started working with students as a college coach and consultant in 2012.

I bring passion, experience and a safe environment where clients can evaluate, discover and take action in their lives.

I am available to meet with clients in person in Rochester, NY or by phone, Skype or FaceTime. Please feel free to send me your information below and I will contact you.



Please feel free to contact me for a complimentary phone call.